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1-406-303-3427 8:00 am - 4:00pm. It is advisable to call ahead of your visit; staff may be in the field.

The following policy applies to all persons using sandbags to protect a structure near streams and rivers within Missoula Conservation District jurisdiction in Missoula County:

Missoula Conservation District recognizes the placement of sandbags as a temporary emergency protection measure for structures. An emergency is defined as an unforeseen event or combination of circumstances that calls for immediate action to safeguard human life, animal life, or property (including growing crops), without time to obtain a 310 permit.

Sandbags must be removed immediately following the end of the emergency. An emergency 310 permit is not required for sandbag placement. However, when sandbags are placed to protect a structure that is near a stream or river, Missoula Conservation District must be notified as to where and when they are placed as well as notified when they are removed. An absolute deadline for removal of sandbags is set at the end of the business day on July 15, annually. If this policy is not adhered to, you will be in violation of the 310 law.

For more information contact Missoula Conservation District at (406) 303-3427.

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